Converting Wordpress themes to Blogger Templates

It's being longtime I have ripped a Wordpress theme to use in Blogger Beta. Many users ask me for wordpress theme conversion in Google talk. I thought it would be great to open a thread in Techie blogger itself , so that all my readers can give me suggestions. I can rip any existing wordpress theme to blogger template or I can customize your existing Blogger template.

Some Blogger use to demand money to rip wordpress themes to blogger templates , But I am going to do this for free. So No need to pay 10$ for any site to get your desired wordpress theme to use in Blogger. You can request conversion of any wordpress theme here via comments. If more users recommend the same theme or if I feel it to be a professional one, I will rip that wordpress theme to Blogger Beta Template.

Customizing Blogger Templates

If you have any errors in Blogger templates , then you can contact me via gtalk. I can help you to fix errors online itself.

You can contact me via Google Talk for any of these services :

  1. Ripping Wordpress themes to Blogger templates

  2. Fixing errors in Blogger Templates

  3. Making your CSS code compatible for all browsers

  4. Fixing XML or CSS errors

  5. SEO tips

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