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Adsense Video Units Ads is available for All Now - Adsense Player

Today I have got a great information to you all guys. We all know that Google Adsense is going to retire Referral ads by this end of August 2008 . Now they have several future plans , One among them is Adsense Video Units is available to all now.
Before this latest announcement , Google Adsense video units are available only to US citizens. But now they have made it available to all .

Why should we prefer Adsense Video Units ?

When compared with Adsense Text ads , Image ads and referral ads( retired ) , Adsense Video ads have Higher Cost Per Click ( CPC )and click through rates. So with Adsense Video units Ads , we can make more money now.

In What Formats Adsense Video Units Ads are available ?

We can add Google Adsense video ads in Five formats .

How To Add Google Adsense Video units Ad ?

Login in this page : Youtube Adsense player . Then create Adsense Video player by changing settings and click generate code . After doing so put the code to you website.

Conclusion :

Adsense Video player is a best tool to make Money Online. So I want all Adsense users will welcome this new feature and make it grant success.

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